Over the course of the past 25 years, we as a society have created an entirely new infrastructure: the internet. And from that whole cloth, we have generated an entire ecosystem within which every vertical industry, every sector and nearly every market throughout the world, operates. Data in its many forms – e-commerce, terms of financial deals, manufacturing specifications, search capabilities, news, photos, opinions, you name it – is shared, promoted, transferred and manipulated in many ways over the internet.

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  • Focused, intrusion-oriented digital forensics assessment
  • Past and ongoing DATA losses due to persistent threat
  • Real-time network risk analysis
  • Deep interpretation of DATA security breaches
  • Identify security weaknesses
  • Determine likely hot points for future cyber attacks
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  • Initial assessment and ongoing conversation to determine 1st, 2nd and 3rd tier strategic and operational objectives
  • Detailed data reporting and analysis to support regulatory and disclosure requirements
  • Cross check DATASURITY ASSESS findings with relevant indemnification clauses
  • Hands-on, highly specialized cyber intrusion training and mentoring for technologists
  • Skill set supplemental programs for non-technical staff to mitigate future cyber DATA loss
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  • Identify, in real time, when a cyber attack is happening
  • Stop an attack before critical DATA is lost
  • See live command-and-control keystrokes of cyber attackers
  • Engage in front-line, hand-to-hand combat with cyber attackers
  • Proactively seal your networks to alleviate future cyber attacks
  • Regain control of your networks and DATA
  • Highly specialized, cyber intrusion-focused monitoring of Global, Device, Network, and Perimeter domains to achieve DATASURITY.